The Ununzipper

unzip Sep 18, 2020

I download zip files from the internet. Sometimes when I unzip them I end up with a huge number of files and folders in the Downloads directory that I did not intend to be in there. This is because when someone creates a zip archive they can either add a single top level directory containing all the files and folders or they can just add all the files and folders. I am not going to get into which way is right or wrong.

(Obviously adding a top level container folder is what I expect most of the time but that doesn't mean that my expectation is correct!)

Anyway, I have done this enough times that I decided to give myself an "Undo" button (shell script) to fix the thing I just did.

Please say hello to the Ununzipper. A handy little script to clean up the mess you just made in your folder.

Dave York

Father and computer nerd.

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