Citrix and Ubuntu 20.04

citrix Jul 21, 2020

I recently got a System76 Oryx Pro. One of the 2020 revisions. It is an amazing computer. The only problem was this is a work machine and I needed to be able to use Citrix to access customer sites. I could not find a way to get it working due to dependency hell. One of my customer sites uses the NetScaler Gateway along with Citrix and the other one doesn't but I was getting an SSL error among other issues. I needed to find a way to get this working and the I was having a lot of trouble finding anything on the web about how to get it working properly.

I use docker for many things these days so I decided to try and see if I could get this working using docker somehow. I stumbled on this github repo. It worked mostly for the one customer who doesn't have the NetScaler Gateway but I needed more. So I forked it and created added a few things.

The result is this. If you have docker installed and running you can simple clone that repo and follow the instructions and next thing you know you will be able to connect to Citrix Systems even ones behind a NetScaler Gateway with no problem at all. I updated the documentation with how to use it with shell scripts for ease of use.

I hope you find this useful.

Dave York

Father and computer nerd.

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